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How to Start Collecting Christmas Ornaments
by Chrysta Baker

Christmas Ornaments Christmas is such a wonderful time of year to take a little time out to enjoy and appreciate the little things that make the holiday season so special. Spending time with family and friends, putting up the lights on the house, searching for the perfect gift for that special someone in your life, and really focusing on what is important in life. While this can certainly be complicated by all the hustle and bustle that is involved in getting everything done before Christmas day finally arrives, in the end it is all worth the hassle and only the happy moments will be remembered in years to come. So, it is the perfect time of year to start collecting Christmas ornaments and incorporating them into the holiday traditions of your family?but where to begin? With all the other things that need to get done, starting a Christmas ornament collection might seem like the last thing you want to add to your ever growing holiday list, but do not worry because collecting Christmas ornaments is easy to do and will grow in your home and in your heart for many Christmases to come.

As with any new collection, tradition, or hobby it can seem like an overwhelming task to start. With Christmas ornaments, and all things collectible, there are so many different sizes, shapes, types, and colors to choose from that you might not know where to begin. Fortunately, that is the easy part because you just need to start with one. Some people feel like they have to start with an entire collection of items from the very beginning, but it just takes one piece to start a collection and then you can build upon it from there. When you find an ornament that you really love, go ahead and get it and you are well on your way to a new collection. It is really just that simple!

Christmas Ornaments In order to build upon your Christmas ornament collection, you might want to unify them in some way or stick with a theme. Perhaps you really love the hand-painted, mouth-blown style of Christmas ornaments, then you might want to start with just those types to add to your collection. Or you might be into angels and want to collect all the angel ornaments you can find. Or maybe you like to decorate your house in a certain color for Christmas, such as green and red, silver and gold, or even purple! You can start collecting Christmas ornaments that match your favorite color. Of course, you do not have to stick with a theme if you do not want to. The Christmas ornaments themselves can be the theme which will allow you to pick whatever ornaments strike your fancy without having to worry about if it is made of glass, is an angel, or is painted purple. It is your collection, so you make the rules!

If you want to turn your Christmas ornament collection into a family tradition, you can easily add multiple ornaments to the collection every year by giving each family member their very own ornament for Christmas. Each family member might like to choose their own favorite Christmas ornament theme in order to start their own ornament collections. Perhaps one child likes Santa ornaments, another likes snowmen, and maybe your spouse enjoys holiday nutcrackers. Each year you can give every family member their very own Christmas ornament to hang on the tree and to add to their own individual ornament collections.

Christmas Ornaments You might also get creative in the ways you use, give, or display your Christmas ornament collection pieces. Of course, hanging them on the tree is a wonderful way to display your collection pieces, but you might also want to think about hanging them around the house in a variety of other places. You can place them in wreaths, dangling from the fireplace mantle, laying in a bowl as a table centerpiece, hanging from ribbon in between the staircase spindles, around door handles, in the windows, or prominently featured in a display case. You can also add them to wrapped Christmas gifts by tying them to the packages with ribbon and bows. If each family member has their own Christmas ornament theme, you will not even need to write their names on the labels because they will instantly know which gifts are for them by the type of ornament that is attached to the package!

Of course, as with everything else, it is best to start early in the year with your Christmas ornament collecting. While the typical brick-and-mortar store will only carry their Christmas ornaments in the two months before Christmas, online ornament stores carry them year round! This is a great way to add to your ornament collection all year long. There is no need to wait for the holiday season to begin to be able to enjoy the collecting of Christmas ornaments because in cyberspace it is always Christmastime! You can start adding to your ornament collection by purchasing a new ornament every month or just on special occasions like birthdays and anniversaries. By the time Christmas rolls around again you will have several new pieces to display that you collected throughout the year.

Christmas Ornaments As you can see, starting your very own Christmas ornament collection is both easy and fun and it does not have to take up too much of your precious time to get a nice little collection going. Before you know it, your ornament collection will be spilling over out of their storage boxes and you will be able to share the joy of Christmas and collecting with your family and friends for many years to come. So, take the plunge and get your Christmas ornament collection going by purchasing your first one today!

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