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How I Missed Christmas This Year
by Chrysta Baker

Christmas Ornaments I am not really sure, I do not know what happened,
I missed Christmas this year and it just has me saddened!

I know it sounds strange and I know it sounds silly,
But it all started out at my job in the city.

I work really hard and get paid really well,
But with kids and the dog and the spouse I just fell.

I know that each Christmas comes round the same day,
And it just seemed to come that much faster this way.

I tried to prepare and I tried to make lists,
I tried knitting scarves and crocheting my gifts.

I saved all my money to buy pretty wrapping,
But I got way too tired to wrap and was napping.

The next thing I knew I was sleeping at work,
Only to be woken by some co-worker jerk.

"You know that it is now Christmas Eve," he had said,
I told him I did and felt light in the head.

Christmas Ornaments I ran all around to the shops and the stores,
But the sales and the lines and the wait gave me sores.

The only thing left was to give gift certificates,
It was that or an old pair of socks and a cricket.

I rushed to the house and started to bake,
Then realized I did not have flour for cakes.

I tried making cookies, but they did not rise,
I knew at that moment I needed allies.

My parents and family were due any minute,
So I called down the kids and screamed, "Let us all get with it!"

My daughter made salad, my son just looked quirky,
As I quickly made beans, a big ham, and a turkey.

Then for the cleaning, the house was a mess,
I vacuumed and dusted in an hour or less.

The house was all clean, but was plain and was boring,
So we quickly broke out ornaments from their storing.

We did have a tree, at least that was there,
But it leaned just a bit and its branches were bare.

I threw on some tinsel, some lights, and a star,
When all of a sudden, the lights of a car!

I quickly lit candles and threw on a dress,
And tried not to look so disheveled and stressed.

In came my mother and father and sis,
And I gave each of them on the cheek a big kiss.

My husband walked in and he looked real impressed,
By the way I had managed to clean and look pressed.

As we sat down to share our big holiday meal,
I felt in a fog and it all seemed surreal.

After dessert, a pie from my mother,
I suddenly realized I have forgotten my brother!

As if right on cue, the doorbell it rang,
And my brother walked in with a choir and sang.

Christmas Ornaments We all listened quick as they sang Christmas songs,
But I just sat their thinking how it all had gone wrong.

The carolers left and my brother came in,
While I started to panic of what to give him.

I tried to think fast, to come up with an answer,
When all of a sudden I heard the word, "Prancer"

It was Santa you see, he had come a bit early,
My kids smiled big with their teeth white and pearly.

It was really my husband, but they did not know,
All they kept asking was, "When will it snow?"

We sent them to bed to make morning come faster,
Then a knock on the door and it was our dear pastor.

I kneeled and I prayed for the strength that I needed,
When suddenly all of my prayers had been heeded.

I realized my brothers Christmas gift was hid well,
I have almost forgot it was in the stairwell.

By the end of the night I was tired and yawning,
I laid down to rest and awoke Christmas morning!

The kids were all laughing and tearing off wrapping,
But I was not quite sure how it all seemed to happen.

I looked at my husband as he gave me a wink,
At that very same moment I sat there to think.

Christmas Ornaments I managed to miss out on Christmas this year,
But it all came together and I shed a few tears.

"I will not let it happen again," I then shouted,
While everyone looked back at me as they doubted.

For each year I try to make plans and make lists,
They know me too well, but I swear I will persist!

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