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The Life of a Holiday Christmas Tree
by Chrysta Baker

Christmas OrnamentsI started out my life in the woods like any other pine tree around, but at the time I had no idea what a special honor it was to become a holiday Christmas tree until the day I was decorated with all the beautiful Christmas ornaments and decorations that were bought and collected especially for me. In the vast forest of thousands of holiday Christmas trees that I grew up in from seedling to full-grown Christmas tree, I had no idea what to expect on the day that I was chosen to leave the woods and travel into the city where a family would choose me to live in their home and bring light and joy to their Christmas holiday season. When I left the forest that day, I was sad to leave the other smaller holiday Christmas trees behind that were not quite mature enough to be brought into the city, but I also looked forward to meeting my new family and seeing what kinds of wooden Christmas ornaments, glass Christmas ornaments, and homemade Christmas ornaments they had chosen to decorate me with.

As I stood waiting in the Christmas tree lot with the other holiday Christmas trees, I saw a family approach me with excitement in their eyes as they pointed and said something about me being the perfect one. A little girl looked at me with such awe in her face that I knew that I was the one that was going to be chosen. The father of the little girl grabbed my trunk and spun me around looking at all my branches around and around. I stood as tall and proud as I could and the mother said something about me being perfectly shaped all around and just the right height, which made me feel very good inside. A little boy then ran up and mentioned something about placing the Christmas ornaments on every one of my branches. This filled me with excitement as I thought about what a fine family this must be and I could not wait to be decorated with all sorts of shiny and glistening Christmas ornaments and decorations.

Christmas OrnamentsAt the home of my new family, the father trimmed the bottom of my trunk and placed me into a tub of water, which I was much appreciative of. It must have been all of the excitement that I felt in the air, but I just could not wait to see what this family had in store for me next and what Christmas ornaments they had waiting for me. The father brought me inside and the mother had him place me in all different parts of the house. She could not seem to decide on the perfect spot for me to stand and the father started to get a little impatient. Everyone laughed as the mother continued to have him turn me around and around to find the best side to showcase the many Christmas ornaments that the children were waiting patiently to hang onto my branches. Finally, I was placed in front of the window in the family room so that my branches and Christmas ornaments could be seen from both the inside and the outside. This spot was very pleasing to me because I had the chance to enjoy both the family inside the house as well as the neighbors on the outside.

Next, as the children cheered with joy, several boxes were opened up and the father pulled out a string of multi-colored Christmas lights to place around my branches. I could not believe how many lights there were and how many strings they were attaching together to wrap all around me. Everyone laughed as the mother plugged each string of Christmas lights in and struggled to find the one bulb on each string that would invariably cause the entire string of lights to not work. Once the bulbs were all working, the father got on a ladder and hooked the Christmas lights to my branches from the very top to the very bottom. I thought they would wait until all of the other Christmas ornaments and decorations were on me, but instead they plugged the Christmas lights in right away and everyone cheered as all the colored lights instantly lit up. For a moment I thought that might be the end of it, but to my surprise that was just the beginning.

Christmas OrnamentsThe mother then put on some Christmas music and everyone sang Christmas carols as they opened box after box of beautiful Christmas ornaments. There were hand carved wooden ornaments, hand-blown glass ornaments, and some very special German ornaments that the father said he had gotten when he traveled to Germany several years earlier. Both of the children placed their favorite Christmas ornaments on my branches and I was surprised at how carefully and lovingly they considered placing each and every Christmas ornament. The little girl loved all of the angel Christmas ornaments and insisted on finding the perfect place for each one all around me. The father would lift her high up in his arms so that she could reach my very top branches to place her very favorite Christmas ornaments. The boy really enjoyed the nutcracker Christmas ornaments and seemed to prefer to place these on my bottom branches.

When the very last Christmas ornament was placed, the tinsel was then added all around. I really liked seeing the tinsel and Christmas ornaments glisten next to the multi-colored Christmas lights. Finally, a beautiful Christmas ornament tree topper in the shape of a golden angel was taken out of a box and the little girl squealed with delight as the father climbed the ladder once more and placed it on the very top of my head. Everyone clapped and sang and stood back to admire all the Christmas ornaments, lights, and tinsel that they had placed on me. There were tears filling the eyes of the mother as she looked at my branches filled with all of her beautiful Christmas ornaments. I felt very proud to be the one they had chosen to spend Christmas with and I held each and every Christmas ornament up as high up as I could to show my appreciation. I have never felt so special in all of my life and it was at that moment that I truly understood what being a holiday Christmas tree was all about? family, love, and togetherness. It is time to find many more homemade Christmas ornament ideas like these.

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