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Decorating with Christmas Ornaments
by Chrysta Baker

Christmas OrnamentsChristmas ornaments not only look good on the Christmas tree, but they also make great decorations throughout the home. You are only limited by your imagination when it comes to decorating with Christmas ornaments, so do not be afraid to experiment and get creative.

Hanging shiny and sparkly Christmas ornaments from an existing chandelier will add a touch of fun and whimsy to any room. Try hanging dozens of them with red and green Christmas ribbon and curling the ends for added pizzazz. You can also wrap sparkling garland or battery operated Christmas lights around the entire chandelier for a festive look.

Making a front door wreath out of Christmas ornaments is easier and much less expensive to make than buying pre-made, store bought ones. Buy a plain grapevine style wreath, some imitation Christmas floral sprigs, and several different types of your favorite Christmas ornaments. Start by adding a few pieces of the Christmas flowers or greenery and then add in the Christmas ornaments all attached to the wreath with florist wire. Add as little or as much as you want until you come up with a Christmas wreath that makes you smile. Look at some of the styles of wreaths that they sell in the crafts stores for inspiration and ideas. Add a big red bow and wrap a couple of loops of wire at the top to create a hanger. Hang from the door with an over-the-door wreath hanger and get ready to welcome all of your holiday guests in style.

Christmas OrnamentsMaking Christmas ornament trees for a table centerpiece will have everyone at the dinner table asking how much you paid for such a beautiful Christmas decoration. Only you will know how easy and inexpensive it was to make. Buy three foam cones at the craft store of equal or varying heights. Buy inexpensive ball type Christmas ornaments of all the same size, preferably the smaller type ornaments. You can use multiple colors on each cone or use all the same color ornaments, whatever looks best to you. Take the hooks and crowns off the tops of the Christmas ornaments and place a bead of crafting or hot glue around the outer rim of the ornament. Press the top of the Christmas ornament directly into the foam and hold for a few seconds to set the glue. Start at the widest end of the foam cone and work your way around the perimeter. Then add the ornaments in the same way all the way up until you reach the top. You might want to place a fancier Christmas ornament or a sparkling ornament star at the very top to give it a finished Christmas tree look. Arrange the Christmas ornament trees in a group in the center of the table and watch everyone ohh and ahh when you tell them you made them yourself.

You can also make a fun and decorative Advent calendar out of little wrapped presents with a beautiful handmade German ornament surprise inside each one. Get twenty-four small boxes and place a different Christmas ornament inside. Wrap each present with decorative paper, top them off with pretty bows, and add a gift tag to each one with a different number written on them from one to twenty-four. Arrange the boxes in order along the mantel or on a table and each night let the kids open up one box from December 1st to December 24th. Hang each Christmas ornament on the tree as you count down the days until Christmas. The pretty boxes make an attractive holiday display and are fun to open for the entire family.

Some other great home decorating ideas with Christmas ornaments include wrapping them around garland and placing the garland around staircase railings, on the mantel, over doors and entryways, wrapped around porch and deck railings, or over windows. You can also add lights to your Christmas ornament garlands for added sparkle at night. Another great idea is to hang your Christmas ornaments on curling ribbon from just about anywhere to add some extra holiday glow. Hang them from the ceiling, underneath the mantel, in-between staircase spindles, in the windows, from picture frames, on mirrors, over door handles, from ceiling fans, from bedposts, or even from lamp shades. Just experiment and see what fun and interesting places you can come up with to hang all your favorite Christmas ornaments throughout the house.

Christmas OrnamentsYou do not need to stay indoors with your Christmas ornament decorating either. Decorating the outside of your home or yard will allow your neighbors and passersby to see and enjoy your fun and unique decorating ideas as well.

Start with the bushes and trees that are located in your front yard. Placing Christmas lights on your outdoor plants looks great at night, but what about your daytime holiday look? You can buy ornaments that are made especially for outdoor decorating that will resist fading or flaking. They also sell larger sized Christmas ornaments that can be seen clearly from a distance. You can also use indoor Christmas ornaments in your outdoor decorating, but try spraying them with clear lacquer first to protect them from the elements.

Try making several Christmas ornament wreaths and hang them from all the windows on the front of your home. You can add Christmas lights to them for sparkle at night, but they will also look great in the daytime when the sunlight hits all those shiny little ornaments.

Wrap evergreen garlands around your mailbox post and hang Christmas ornaments all around it from the ground up to the mailbox itself. Since most people do not usually have an electrical outlet near their mailboxes, this little decorating tip will make your mailbox look festive, even without the lights.

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