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Christmas Ornament Party Ideas
by Chrysta Baker

Christmas OrnamentsWhen it comes to Christmas ornaments, there are so many different ways that you can use and display them other than hanging them from the Christmas tree like you always do. This year, why not try doing some new and unique things with your Christmas ornaments for a change? Christmas ornaments come in such a wide variety of sizes, shapes, colors, and designs that it seems a shame to just hang them from the Christmas tree a couple of weeks before Christmas, does it not? One of the best reasons to use your Christmas ornaments for decorating is when you are planning on having a holiday party.

Holiday parties offer a wide range of opportunities to use your Christmas ornaments in fun and unusual ways. Starting with the invitations, you can make some really unique ones that will set the mood for your holiday or tree-trimming party. If you really want to make an impression, get some Christmas ornament balls and write directly on them the party information with metallic paint pens. Or, get fancy glass or wooden ornaments and attach large gift tags to the top with ribbon inviting them to the party. Get small mailing boxes and place the ornament invitations inside, using pretty tissue paper to protect the ornaments from damage. You can then either mail or hand deliver your ornament invitations to all of your party guests. These special Christmas ornament invitations are sure to make people want to come to your holiday party.

You can use Christmas ornaments in so many different ways when decorating for your party as well. Place them all around the buffet table individually or in beautiful bowls next to your party food. Add lost of Christmas curling ribbon to the tops for added party fun.

Christmas OrnamentsYou can decorate the table for more formal sit-down holiday dinners by making fancy napkin rings out of Christmas ornaments, ribbon, and bendable Christmas floral sprigs that you can get at any crafts store. Write the names of your party guests on Christmas ornaments with a paint pen and place them on the dinner plates as festive place cards.

You can also make a pretty candle centerpiece by filling a large bowl with Christmas ornaments and sticking several non-drip taper candles in the middle. You might want to place foam or small candle holders at the bottom of the bowl for added support. The flickering of the candlelight next to the sparkling glass ornaments can create a romantic mood.

Small Christmas ornaments make great drink charms which hang from wine glasses, champagne flutes, or eggnog mugs. Use different colors or unique handmade German ornament styles and hang them from the stems or handles with regular ornament hooks. Wrap the wire around tightly so they do not fall off or use curling ribbon for more color and fun.

You can also create a fun party activity by having a Christmas ornament making table complete with all the tools necessary to allow your guests to make their own Christmas ornaments during the party. Provide several plain glass ornament balls or wooden ornaments for your guests to use and then have different bowls or baskets on the table filled with beads, sequins, glitter, pom-poms, wire, paints, glue, scissors, or anything else you can find that can be used to decorate the ornaments. This fun activity gives guests something to do when they first arrive and gets people talking as everyone starts showing off their creative side while decorating their own Christmas ornaments. You can even award prizes for the best or most unusual ornaments. You can then have your guests place their masterpieces on the tree and in no time your tree will be decorated without you ever having to lift a finger!

Christmas OrnamentsChristmas ornaments also make great party favors that you can give out to your guests as they leave the party. You can buy some really nice German ornaments and wrap them up in pretty boxes and place them under the tree as decoration during the party, but as your party starts winding down and guests begin to leave you can tell them to pick whichever present they want to take home with them. Or try placing a tree branch from the yard or one cut from your Christmas tree in a tall, heavy vase at the front door. Hang some Christmas ornaments from the branches and have your guests take one as they leave. You might want to write their names or the party date on them with paint pens so they will always remember the fun they had at your holiday party.

If you will be giving out presents to friends and family at your holiday party, you can use Christmas ornaments as festive holiday gift tags. After wrapping your gifts and placing the bows on them, just attach the Christmas ornament tags to the bow with ribbon. Whether you use glass or wooden ornaments, you can write directly on them the names of your gift recipients with paint pens. This also makes a great mini-gift, especially if you use German ornaments or hand painted glass ornaments. But be careful, people just might like these fun ornament tags more than the gifts inside!

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