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Article Excerpts - The Christmas Ornament Collector

Christmas OrnamentsCollecting Christmas ornaments is a hobby that many people enjoy doing. Some people get a new ornament each Christmas to add to their holiday tree each year and others do their Christmas ornament collecting twelve months out the year. Just like any collection or hobby, Christmas ornament collecting can be as small and simple or as large and elaborate as you like. One such year-round Christmas ornament collector is a man named David who has been traveling the world collecting Christmas ornaments for nearly twenty years. His collection is vast and he has Christmas ornaments from just about every country around the world.

David started his collection of Christmas ornaments from around the world when he was in the military stationed in Germany. Even though he was a young man, he appreciated the beauty and craftsmanship that he saw in the German ornament shops that were located all throughout Germany. David bought several different kinds of German ornaments during his time in Germany, but he did not have a lot of money at the time, so he was not able to get some of his favorite German ornaments at the time. When his tour of duty was over, David packed his small collection of German ornaments and went back home to the ........ read more.

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